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Joost scores a dance partner

New content deal that caters to nightclub goers.

Sure, the Internet is abuzz with news about the "YouTube killer" that several major media companies just announced yesterday, but let's not forget that other supposed YouTube killer, Joost. The broadband video start-up from the founders of Skype and Kazaa, which announced a major content partnership with Viacom last month, has a new deal that's sure to excite the party animal and nightclubbing crowd.

Joost, which is still in private beta, announced Friday that it's partnering with dance music hub Ministry of Sound's broadband video division, Ministry of Sound TV (MoSTV). When Joost launches to the public (whenever that is), it'll feature two branded MoSTV channels with dance music and lifestyle programming from all over the world. One of the two will feature exclusively music videos--take that, MTV.

Now that Joost will be offering a channel devoted to dance music videos, maybe it'll gain popularity in a new sector as a tech-savvy party tool that you can play in the background of your next soiree. Who knows?