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Joker movie gets NFL football player in hot water

Odell Beckham Jr. gets reprimanded by officials for showing off his custom Joker cleats on the field.


Joker can dance on the stairs, but he's not allowed on the football field. 

Niko Tavernise

Cleveland Browns football star Odell Beckham Jr. may be a big fan of the Joker movie starring actor Joaquin Phoenix, but his appreciation for the complicated character just got him into trouble with NFL officials. 

The NFL told the wide receiver Sunday that he wouldn't be allowed back on the field for the second half of the game of Browns vs. Denver Broncos if he didn't change his footwear -- custom cleats depicting Joker's famous clown face

"The NFL told Odell Beckham and Jarvis Landry to change their shoes at halftime or they won't be allowed to play," Will Brinson, NFL writer for CNET sister site CBS Sports, tweeted on Sunday.

While Beckham donned Joker cleats, his Browns teammate Jarvis Landry also got a warning about his unusual footwear choice. 

According to the NFL rulebook, cleats must be black, white, or "any constitutional team color." In the case of the Browns, those team colors are brown and orange.

In the end, both NFL players changed their footwear during halftime, only to lose the game to the Broncos -- Broncos 24, Browns 19.

"People are hot about the NFL's uniform policy being dumb," Brinson tweeted. "Of course it is. It's been inane for years. But two receivers going into a must-win game on the road with custom cleats that could potentially reduce their availability for the game isn't an ideal situation for Cleveland."

Beckham isn't the only Joker fan who plays professional football. Minnesota Vikings football player Stefon Diggs also wore Joker cleats earlier in the season but didn't face any consequences for his footwear since he agreed to change into other shoes.

NFL and Cleveland Browns didn't immediately respond to a request for comment.

Joker set a box office record for the largest October domestic opening weekend ever. And the film's success could spawn more Joker movies, especially since Phoenix said he might be interested in making a sequel