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Join us Monday for Microsoft's mystery event

Microsoft has a big event planned for Monday in Los Angeles. Rumor has it tablets are on the menu. CNET will be there to bring you the news live.

Microsoft is holding an event somewhere in L.A. on Monday, for something.
Microsoft is holding an event somewhere in L.A. on Monday, for something. James Martin/CNET

Microsoft is holding a special event on Monday, which rumors now peg as a tablet.

CNET will be there to bring you news live, from the scene -- that is, once Microsoft says where it is.

By all appearances, Microsoft has thrown the event together at the last minute. The company sent out invites to press just on Thursday, with the venue unspecified, aside from a very general "Los Angeles." We'll know exactly where we're conglomerating just a few hours before it starts.

Rumor has itthe company will debut its own tablet, running its Windows 8 operating system, which is expected to be released in the fall. Microsoft released a public beta versionof the software near the end of February.

The event comes on the heels of Microsoft's presentation at E3 earlier this month, which was also in Los Angeles. There, the company showed off the next chapter in its Halo game series, as well as SmartGlass, an application designed to make use of so-called "second screen" devices like phones and tablets. Monday's event is also just two days before Microsoft's Windows Phone summit in San Francisco, where the company is expected to debut the next major version of its Windows Phone OS.

The doors open Monday at 3:30 p.m. PT, with the event itself presumably beginning at 4 sharp. You can go here to find out where that is in your time zone, as well as set a reminder.

To follow along, you can just bookmark this link and come back to it Monday morning.

Editors' note: This post originally was published June 15 at 11:23 a.m. PT.