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Join the mile-high QR code voter registration club

If you're not registered to vote yet, you now have a chance to do it while soaring through the clouds on a Virgin America flight.

Virgin America in-flight screens
These little screens will help you register to vote up in the air. Virgin America

In an effort to sign up 1.5 million new voters, Rock the Vote has been stashing its voter registration QR codes in all sorts of strange places. Recently, it was on T-shirts. Now it's way, way up in the air.

With an assist from Virgin America, Rock the Vote has gone airborne. The voter registration drive coincides with Virgin's new nonstop route from San Francisco to Washington D.C.

Passengers can register to vote through the plane's in-flight entertainment system. You activate the in-flight Internet service on your smartphone, scan the provided QR code, and let it whisk you away to a voter registration page. Alternately, you can make a donation to Rock the Vote by swiping your credit card.

Registering to vote on an airplane makes sense if it's the only down-time you've had available to handle responsibilities such as participating in our democracy. It would also give you some bragging rights as you wait in line to vote during the next election.

Perhaps the ultimate vote registration drive would involve people in Rock the Vote QR code T-shirts flying on Virgin America. There would be no escaping your civic duty then.

Rock the Vote QR code
This QR code will hook you with registration. Virgin America