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Join CNET's iPhone 5 Google+ Hangout, LIVE!

Join Scott Stein, Donald Bell and Josh Lowensohn as they show off the Apple iPhone5 and answer your questions in a live Google+ Hangout on Air!


The iPhone 5 goes on sale tomorrow, and you're wondering if it's worth standing in line for.

Join Scott, Josh Lowensohn and me for a 30 minute Google+ Hangout discussing the iPhone 5, starting today at 2:30 pm Pacific. We had one of these a few days ago and it worked out so well, we figured we'd try another one.

The Hangout will be accessible though CNET's Google+ page, where you can also submit your questions. I repeat, the Hangout is closed for comments, so submit your questions though CNET's Google+ page using #CNETLive .

While you're there, be sure to add CNET to your Google+ feed and give us a +1 if you like what you see.

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