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They're making a John Wick roller coaster, so buckle up

Keanu Reeves will make you scream (if you want to go faster).

Yeah, we're thinking he's back.

Niko Tavernise

It's fair to describe the John Wick movies as a roller coaster ride. And now there's going to be an actual roller coaster based on the all-action Keanu Reeves shoot-em-up series. 

Titled John Wick: Open Contract, the theme park ride in Dubai will recreate the Continental hotel where much of John Wick, John Wick Chapter 2 and John Wick Chapter 3: Parabellum take place. The ride is set to be 10 stories high, and you'll be able to ride in different directions to either follow the titular assassin or hunt him down.

Variety reports the Keanu-flavored amusement will be joined by a roller coaster based on the magic-themed Now You See Me films. That planned Now You See Me ride will recreate a Las Vegas-style casino.


The planned John Wick roller coaster is based on the Continental Hotel seen in the all-action film trilogy.


The new roller coasters are planned to open at Hollywood-themed Motiongate theme park in Dubai in 2021, by which time film studio Lionsgate hopes coronavirus restrictions will have been relaxed. 

Reeves will return as the sharp-suited sharpshooter in not one but two planned John Wick sequels. John Wick 4 was even slated to debut on the same date as The Matrix 4 for a double dose of Keanu, while John Wick 5 will be shot at the same time -- well, if COVID-19 doesn't succeed where countless hitmen and henchmen have failed...

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