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Video Games

John Wick Hex will bring signature gun-fu to consoles, PC and Mac

John Wick Hex is like chess, but with guns. It's gun chess. We're into it.


John Wick Hex is currently in development.

Good Shepherd Entertainment/YouTube

John Wick is an icon. From pooch-protector to outright menace, Keanu Reeves' classy assassin Wick has entered the upper echelon of action heroes. As an unstoppable icon of vigilante justice, it only makes sense that eventually Wick would find himself the center of a video game.

And so here we are, with Good Shepherd Entertainment announcing John Wick: Hex, a cel-shaded, perhaps-turn-based, action-strategy game. Details are scant but the announcement trailer is below, featuring a cel-shaded, PC-generated John Wick and a voice-over discussing the finer workings of Wick's mastery of chess.

The game is currently in development and helmed by Mike Bithell, famously known for indie puzzler Thomas Was Alone, and will feature an original story. It is being developed "in cooperation with the minds behind the film series", according to sister site Gamespot, and looks to capture the "gun-fu" action that is a staple of the silver screen series. It's described as "fight-choreographed chess brought to life as a video game."

Keanu Reeves' involvement is currently unknown but Lance Reddick (The Wire, Lost) and Ian McShane (Deadwood, American Gods) will lend their voice talents to Hex.

No release date for this one yet, but it will be available for consoles Windows PC and Mac exclusively via the Epic Games Store at launch. The third installment in the John Wick film series -- John Wick Chapter 3: Parabellum -- releases on May 17.