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John Oliver turns to YouTube to thank, spank commenters

In a YouTube special, the HBO comedian marvels at the commentary he incites. It's already received some erudite comments.

Giddy at the comments. Last Week Tonight With John Oliver/YouTube screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

John Oliver's aggressive strain of frustration with the world is akin to that of a man stuck in the outside lane, permanently going 20 mph.

There's a certain joy, though, in the humor that he succeeds to eke from it when compared to the lack of humor in his commentariat.

Commenters often seem keen to express their lack of reasoning and even reading skills. At least, that has been YouTube's tradition.

So the HBO comedian thought he'd offer a special video for them to feast upon. This contained his own personal observations about the comments his YouTube videos have recently received.

They vary from the misspelled to the hateful in Spanish. There are observations that Oliver really does look like a parrot to offense that he'd besmirched someone's second favorite cherry cola.

What's most interesting about this video, which was posted yesterday, are the comments it's already enjoyed.

For example: "First of all im from Germany and i hate England like the most of us here, maybe even more. But! ! I have to say, he ... rocks that smoking hot parrot dish face chicken dinner."

I hope that German readers will explain whether "hot parrot dish face chicken dinner" is a local form of insult.

Then there was this searingly honest admission about Oliver's show: "I get 1/2 of a quarter of it 100% of the time. But I only pay attention 1/3rd of the time."

I cannot confirm this was posted by a millennial.

There are, though, quite literary critics: "Anyone thinking this guy is genuinely funny is completely f***ing retarded. He's just given a script and reads it off as the laugh tracks roll. On his free time he's probably a trans gender bigot."

I feel sure that this particular commenter was showing off his own humorous skills.

This YouTube comment, however, offered another insight: "Hopefully this doesn't have the Jacksfilms effect, where people post stupid things just so they will get mocked on a video."

Would YouTube commenters really be quite that clever?