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John Cleese's YouTube channel is as weird as it should be

"Monty Python" star John Cleese unleashes his comedy chops on his very own YouTube channel. Get ready for safari hats and rare unreleased material.

"Monty Python," "Fawlty Towers" and James Bond-franchise alumnus John Cleese has already conquered the worlds of TV, movies and stage shows. Now he's on to YouTube with the launch of his very own John Cleese channel. Cleese posted a welcome video last week and quickly followed it up with the introduction of the Church of JC Capitalist, a send-up of people who use religion to raise money for personal gain.

The channel's description refers to it as "The official, bombastic, hilarious, stonkingly good home of John Cleese on Youtube." There are only a few videos up so far, most of which find Cleese plying his trade in front of a green screen. It's unclear if the videos were meant for a program or if it's just the comedian testing out some previously unpublished material.

The channel is meant to host "seen, unseen, and 'should never be seen' material." In a two-part video, Cleese takes on the quirky role of Lieutenant James Packerdon Walsh (spelling debatable), an African adventurer clothed in a large fake mustache and pith helmet. He regales the audience with absurdist tales of searching for the rare bird of purgatory and getting into a fistfight with a lion.

It's an enjoyably weird sample of what's to come. Cleese and "Python" fans could have a lot to look forward to.