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Joe Kane projector by Samsung reviewed, lauded

The new chip in Samsung's SP-A900B helps it to outperform every projector in its class, including its step-down Joe Kane-designed brother, and to compete favorably against significantly more-expensive three-chip DLP projectors.

The Samsung SP-A900B delivers the most accurate picture of any projector we've tested. Sarah Tew/CNET

Samsung, with the help of video guru Joe Kane, again delivers outstanding performance in the high-end front-projection DLP category with the flagship SP-A900B. This 1080p resolution, one-chip DLP projector sports the latest Dark Chip 4 chip from Texas Instruments, but otherwise appears virtually the same as the SP-A800B that CNET projector reviewer Kevin Miller loved last last year.

The new chip results in superior black levels, which also increase the contrast ratio of the projector substantially. The 900B retains the same superb color found on its less expensive brother, along with its other stellar image quality characteristics, and as a bonus remains one of the most stylish and attractive designs in front projection. At $12,999 list, the Samsung SP-A900B is definitely on the pricey side for the one-chip DLP category, but as with so many things in life, you get what you pay for.

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