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Joe Biden is everyone's favorite Trump troll

The vice president has always been a popular internet meme, but now he's less surfer dude and more Dennis the Menace.

Vice President Joe Biden's been good for the jokesters of the internet.

Just page through The Onion's Joe Biden tag to see for yourself. Over the last eight years, the online humor publication presented the veep as half-Jeff Spicoli, half-Jim Anchower. He was generally Photoshopped wearing a rock T-shirt, sometimes with sunglasses, never far from a muscle car and a cheap beer.

Since Donald Trump became the president-elect last week, Biden jokes have taken a turn.

The fictional version of Biden is more Dennis the Menace now, plotting against the Trump-Pence administration with every bone in his body. President Barack Obama forever plays the straight man, reining in Biden as best he can.

(Note: Since the Biden meme took off, many Twitter users have been tweeting out the most popular ones. We've tried below to use tweets from their original authors. Kudos to Mollie Goodfellow, who started the meme rolling and wrote some of its best jokes.)

Sure, the meme is entertaining for many, but does it also have healing powers?

And will there ever again be vice presidential memes this good?