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Joby unwraps versatile 3-in-1 camera strap

You can configure the new 3-Way Camera Strap to be worn around the wrist, shoulder, or neck.

3-Way Camera Strap

Popular camera accessory maker Joby -- known for its unique Gorillapod tripod -- recently launched its new 3-Way Camera Strap during Photokina 2012. Compared with typical neck straps, this camera strap can be configured into a wrist, neck, and shoulder strap by simply toggling a switch.

3-Way Camera Strap

The strap, which retails for $39.99, comes in the form of a base plate, which has a universal thumbscrew that can be attached to the tripod mount of most cameras. The 3-Way Camera Strap features a Dyneema Cord -- a very strong material rated to hold more than 100 pounds that can be retracted to form a wrist strap or fully extended to become a shoulder strap.

It also has a thick neck pad attached to help distribute your camera's weight evenly, making it more comfortable.

We think this accessory would be convenient if you're going to be shooting all day. From experience, trying to wind your bulky neckstrap into a wrist strap can be quite a hassle.

(Source: Crave Asia)