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Joby noodles with flexible monopod

Joby announced the new one-legged Gorilla Solo at the Photo Marketing Association trade show, a model good for small cameras or remote flash equipment.

LAS VEGAS-- announced its latest Gorillapod model Wednesday at the Photo Marketing Association trade show here, the one-legged Solo.

Joby's Gorillapod Solo
Joby's Gorillapod Solo Stephen Shankland/CNET Networks

Joby just finished its first year selling monopods with flexible, rubberized legs that can be flexed to deal with uneven perches or wrapped around poles or tree limbs. The Solo has just one stalk and comes in a $30 20-segment model or a $40 30-segment model.

The new model, currently available only off the company's Web site, can hold up to two pounds worth of camera, but the company expects it to be popular holding other photographic equipment such as remote flashes or clips to hold studio backdrop fabric, said Ken Minn of the company's business development group.

The company also announced new colored versions of its original $22 Gorillapod tripod for point-and-shoot cameras.