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Joby brings its flexible tripod to the iPhone 4

The Gorillamobile for iPhone 4 combines a bumper case and the company's ball-and-socket tripod.

Click image for larger view Joby

Joby, the maker of the fun and versatile Gorillapod flexible tripods and other related products, released Gorillamobile for iPhone 4. It's a complete redesign of its product for the iPhone 3G/3GS, mainly switching from a full case that protected the sides and back to a simple bumper.

For $39.95, the kit includes a black, two-piece polycarbonate plastic snap-on bumper case, a 6.7-inch high Gorillapod flexible stand, and a universal camera adapter clip with screw so you can use the stand with a camera.

There are cutouts in the case for the dock connector, mic, speaker, headphone jack, and ring/silent switch and silver metal buttons for volume and power/sleep/wake. It's nice looking, but like most bumpers it takes away from the device's design. The bumper, however, is necessary for attaching an iPhone 4 to the tripod.

The case basically acts as a rail while the clip attached to the top of the stand slides on the rail. After using one for a bit, it takes a little practice to smoothly slide the stand on and off, but attaching it is definitely not difficult. And, it can be attached to the case horizontally or vertically depending on how you're shooting photos and videos, or viewing videos, or using FaceTime. As you slide the clip toward the middle of the case there are two small ridges that firm up the grip on the device; otherwise it just doesn't fit snugly enough for using the tap focus.

Overall the design is good, but the problem is if you don't want to use it with the included Gorillapod stand, you're stuck taking off this case and looking for another tripod mount like this XShot case or the Glif. Joby made it so you can use the stand for anything with a tripod mount, but the case can only be used with this stand. All it would take is another rail clip with a threaded insert.