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Jobs worse for small biz, too

Jobs worse for small biz, too

The news on the job front today isn't good, with fewer jobs created than had been expected. And unfortunately, it seems that, for now at least, small business isn't the salvation.

While the number of businesses with no employees (read sole proprietorships and small partnerships) is rising over time, the number of jobs small companies are creating is not. From August to September, jobs at small businesses went down, according to a survey by SurePayroll, which serves small business. Since the end of last year, they say, the growth has been an anemic 0.4 percent, up to 10,480 from 10,435. The good news is that salaries have gone up, for reasons the folks who did the survey can't explain.

And with jobs flat across the board, I suspect we will keep seeing a rise in small businesses formed by people who used to be employees.