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Jobs' keynote inspires manila envelope MacBook Air case

Jobs' keynote inspires manila envelope MacBook Air case

In the "why didn't I think of that" category, an enterprising couple of media types (Web designer Jona Bechtolt and freelance science writer Claire L. Evans) were so knocked out by the Steve Jobs Macworld keynote that they decided to create and market a laptop case for the new MacBook Air--based on the simple manila office envelope Jobs pulled his new laptop out of on stage.

The AirMailis little more than a simple Web site and a prototype photo right now, but the designers promise to start shipping the handmade bags in about two weeks--when the MacBook Air itself is set to hit store shelves.

According to the AirMail Web site, the case is "handmade out of durable upholstery-grade vinyl, and lined with fuzzy, soft fleece." How protective can even a padded manila envelope be? The promotional material warns, "[The] AirMail laptop cases are lined with thick fleece, will protect your laptop from any cosmetic damage and smudges, and keep it safe from bumps in daily use. It is not suitable, however, for any extreme use."

The AirMail case is available for preorder right now for $29.95 plus $6 shipping, with an estimated ship date of January 29.