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Jobs in India and California

Call center giant Convergys may be hiring thousands in India, but a small company's expansion in California signals hope for U.S. techies.

Offshoring news seemed to cut both ways for U.S. workers Monday.

On the one hand, India media outlet The Economic Times reported that call center giant Convergys plans to double its employees in India by the end of 2005 from the current 10,000.

On the other hand, a small U.S. software development company announced it is expanding operations in Pleasanton, Calif. Decision Design, based in the Chicago area, is looking to hire 10 or more workers to beef up its current staff of 20.

Although Decision Design's hiring in California is dwarfed by Convergys' growth in India, the little U.S. company is expanding in a way that may encourage American techies. Decision Design doubled its revenue last year to $5 million in part by cleaning up messes clients found when they sent software work overseas. Offshore operations face problems including low quality and slow project completion times, according to the company.

"The additional space (in Pleasanton) should be adequate to meet our growth, much of which has been caused by the current offshoring backlash," Monty Davis, president of Decision Design, said in a statement.