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Jobo portable photo-backer-upper: Faster, bigger

Jobo's Giga One Ultra can transfer data off flash cards more than twice as fast as its predecessor, and its capacity now reaches 200GB.

Jobo's 200GB Giga One Ultra portable photo backup device. Jobo

Jobo on Monday announced the Giga One Ultra device, a portable hard drive for backing up photos in the field. That's a notch more spacious than the 120GB of the Giga One predecessor or the Spectator device, which unlike the Giga One devices have a color screen.

The drives have slots for a variety of flash memory modules, including CompactFlash, SD and SDHC, Memory Stick and Memory Stick Pro. Photographers can back up their data while on the road, an idea that's especially useful if you're running out of flash card space.

The new models can download data from flash cards more than twice the speed of the Giga One, Gummersbach, Germany-based Jobo said.

The Giga One Ultra is scheduled to arrive at the end of October with capacities of 40GB, 80GB, 120GB and 200GB and prices of $149, $199, $229 and $329, respectively.