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Jobo adds Mac support for PhotoGPS geotagger

Jobo AG's newly available, lightweight, and easy-to-use PhotoGPS unit is now compatible with the Mac OS.

Jobo AG

Back in September, I mentioned a new GPS geotagging device for digital cameras with hot shoes, the Jobo PhotoGPS. Unfortunately, at launch, Jobo left Mac users out of the picture, so to speak: the included software used to match the receiver's recorded data to photos transferred to a computer was Windows only. However, arriving a little later than originally planned, there is now a Mac version of the software.

For the unfamiliar, the PhotoGPS is a small and lightweight GPS receiver that fits directly on any digital camera's hot shoe--just like a flash unit. The $175 device allows automatic geotagging by capturing raw GPS and time data and then pairing it with the photos you shoot once they are offloaded to a computer.