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Job wanted...for one week only

Worker and videographer seek dream job one week at a time while traversing Canada.

Sean Aiken as a veterinary assista
Sean Aiken as a veterinary assistant OneWeekJob.com

Remember the red paper clip guy?

Well, now there are two other guys using the Internet community to find not a house but a dream job.

Instead of reading Po Bronson or a book on metaphorical parachutes, wouldn't it be nice if you could try different jobs on for size--and meet the sorts of people who do those jobs--before you committed?

In exchange for what basically amounts to publicity on the One Week Job Web site, Sean Aiken asks employers to allow him to test drive a job for one week so that he can see if the job is something he's passionate about doing. Meanwhile, Aiken's traveling companion, Ian MacKenzie, chronicles the experience in the form of a video blog.

Ian MacKensie, videography and producer of One Week Job.
Ian MacKenzie, videography and producer of One Week Job. OneWeekJob.com

To be fair, the videos are edited into more complete weekly episodes than rough video blogs.

The two have been traveling around Canada since February, with Aiken testing job after job. Those jobs have included radio DJ, cancer research fund-raiser, brewmaster, veterinary assistant and bungee operator.

All proceeds from the jobs are paid directly to the One: The Campaign to Make Poverty History, with tax receipts available for the employer. So far, after 24 weeks and as many jobs, the team has raised roughly $9,000. Aiken and MacKenzie have been relying on host families or employers, free rides and monetary sponsorship to manage the cost of the project.

Elizabeth Godo, sponsorship manager
Elizabeth Godo, sponsorship manager OneWeekJob.com

Since Aiken's experience as a brewmaster in Toronto, he gained the services of a sponsorship manager, Elizabeth Godo, who is now helping find and coordinate the sponsors and funds needed to complete the yearlong project.

Next, Aiken's going to be a reporter at the Toronto International Film Festival for Roots Canada, its clothing sponsor.