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Job seeker creates Google Earth music video

Despite a recent downturn due to missing its earnings expectations, Google is still riding high. Its stock is close to $400 a share and, in the tech world, few places are as cool to say you work.

So maybe that's why a British DJ called Flavorjenkins is petitioning for a job at the Mountain View, Calif., search giant in a unique and entertaining way: He created a music video using Google Earth.

The video shows a fictional van--then a tractor trailer--superimposed on a series of Google Earth images and driving around the streets near the dozen or so record companies Flavorjenkins sent his demo to. All of them turned him down.

But he uses the video to imagine what would happen when he does finally sign his deal: scads of money, champagne, cigars and a fast car, which he then has driving around the Google Earth images instead of the truck; paparazzi following him everywhere; shopping at Harrod's; visiting Buckingham Palace; flying on a private jet with scantily clad models; and finally landing on his own private island.

Now, these are pretty lofty goals. Especially for someone whose demo tape has been more likely to be used as a door stop or paper weight than a moneymaker. But, hey, a DJ is allowed to dream, right?

In fact, based on the success that Paul Rademacher had with his Google Maps/Craigslist mashup, HousingMaps--after which he got a job at Google, Flavorjenkins might well be on to something.

Thus, the message that floats at the top of the page throughout the video: "Dear Larry & Sergey, Brighton is so cold...I am looking for a job in the Silicon Valley. :-)"