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Jitterbug for seniors

Brand-new cell phone service courts an elderly demographic

Jitterbug handsets

Now you can nag your mom and ask her why she never calls. The oldster-friendly Jitterbug phones, which we saw at CTIA earlier this year, are finally available nationwide. GreatCall, a new MVNO that specializes in services geared toward seniors, is the company behind these two basic handsets.

The Jitterbug cell phones are certainly suitable for the elderly; the Jitterbug Dial has a large brightly backlit keypad, while the Jitterbug OneTouch has only three one-touch buttons that connect directly to an operator, to emergency services, and to a user-programmed contact. And to make it even easier, GreatCall will preprogram numbers in the phone before you receive it, and once you get it, you can dial the operator to change your contacts.

(Photo: Jitterbug)