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Jimmy Kimmel to Facebook: Happy birthday, you're horrible

"What do you get for the Web site that makes you hate everything?" asks the late-night comedian. It's not easy.

Is Facebook too easy a target for humor now? Jimmy Kimmel LIve/YouTube Screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

Facebook has become an old joke.

Now that it's 10 years old, is there anything left to mock? Not even Mark Zuckerberg's hoodie seems funny anymore.

Still, Jimmy Kimmel felt obliged to try and squeeze the last vestiges of humor from our greatest social utility.

Reminding his audience that Tuesday was Facebook's birthday, he began: "What do you get for the Web site that makes you hate everything?"

And then he tried and tried to prize a little more fun out of Facebook, when so many have already given up.

One Kimmel effort: "Just think, 10 years ago you might have never known your mom's friend's husband had a successful colonoscopy."

Another: "More than anyone, Mark Zuckerberg revolutionized the way we avoid doing work in this country."

He resorted to a quite beautiful and pitiful montage of how news organizations have attempted to associate Facebook with just about every plague and pestilence that has occurred since 2004.

Of course, those news organizations were actually serious.

The truth, now, is that Facebook just isn't funny anymore.

The joke, sadly, is on us.