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Jimmy Kimmel mocks Trump's bad spelling with Scrabble parody

Score bigly for unpresidented words and exclamation points with Scrabull. Yell "witch hunt!" if you're challenged.

Is ordinary Scrabble too boring for you, what with all those dictionary-approved actual words?

In a sketch that aired on Jimmy Kimmel Live Wednesday night, the comic introduced a parody version of the popular word-making game -- with a presidential twist. 

The fake ad urges players to "Trump up your game" with Scrabull, which displays Trump's infamous 2017 mangled word "covfefe" on the box cover.

Players pull "pure elephant-tusk tiles" from the game's red velvet "MAGA baga," and hide them behind their barbed-wire-topped wall. They can pick up extra points by playing tiles on squares marked "yuge letter score" and "bigly word score." The use of exclamation-point tiles is encouraged. 

Unsurprisingly, words such as "unpresidented" (not "unprecedented") can be found in the Scrabull dictionary, but being challenged caused one young player to yell, "Witch hunt!"

There's also a travel version of the fake game, for road trips or "teeny-tiny hands."