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Jimmy Fallon goes hands-on with PS4 -- with console out of sight

The late-night show host played Killzone: Shadow Fall for a brief period on his program last night.

At least we saw the PlayStation 4 controller.
At least we saw the PlayStation 4 controller. Sony Computer Entertainment

Jimmy Fallon was the first person since Sony's PlayStation event earlier this week to publicly take one of the console's games for a spin.

Sony last night brought the PlayStation 4 to "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon," allowing the host to briefly play Killzone: Shadow Fall. His time on the new PlayStation 4 controller -- which was detailed ad nauseam -- was short-lived. One of Fallon's guests also had the chance to play Killzone, but that, too, was a quick experience.

Interestingly, the person from the Killzone team who was playing the title had no trouble. However, Fallon and his guest both had trouble keeping the gun straight. It's not clear whether that was due to issues with the controller or their skill level.

Unfortunately, Sony didn't actually show off the console. The controller was hardwired to a device, but it was off camera. Sony made no indication of when it would unveil its console design, but made clear that it will deliver a far better gaming experience than its predecessor, the PlayStation 3.

Check out the video below to see Jimmy Fallon playing Killzone on the PlayStation 4.