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Jimmy Fallon and Seth Green on Google+: Sorry

In a pointed diss of Google+, the two comedians decide there's something faintly silly about trying to beat Facebook by making Google+ invitation only.

Google+ is already so famous, so powerful, and so ubiquitous that it has made it on to Jimmy Fallon's late night show. Which must be called something like "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon."

With Seth Green in attendance, the two hip comedians in suits decided to gauge just how famous, powerful and ubiquitous Google+ really is.

Their conclusion: We're sorry.

Green offered the observation that Google+ was the preserve (or, perhaps, reserve) of the "new technological mafia."

"The best way to overthrow the Facebook giant is to offer something that's invitation only," he added, not convinced of Google's belief that male engineer-based exclusivity breeds fame, power, and ubiquity.

However, Fallon and Green seem sure that Google+ employees are almost like politically correct bouncers at the door of an organic garden party, offering those who aren't invited a repeated "I'm sorry."

With a very specific and soft intonation, Green offered, mimicking the Google+ bouncer talking to a disappointed queuer: "Guys, we only sent out 2 or 3 million invitations. I'm sorry."

Might I add that for anyone reading this from beyond the red, white, and blue shores, Hulu doesn't allow you to view the embedded recording of this momentous exchange. But please believe me when I tell you that I've just about covered it all for you.

I'm sorry.