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Jim Marshall: Genius rock 'n' roll photographer

Rock and jazz photographer Jim Marshall has a new Web site loaded with some of his greatest shots.

Jim Marshall was one of the chief photographers at the Monterey Pop Festival and the original Woodstock. He took historic backstage shots of The Beatles' last concert. And he chronicled San Francisco's acid rock heyday.

Marshall was everywhere.

He shot more than 500 album covers over his 50-year career., his new Web site, offers 160 fine art images for sale. Sure, the prints are expensive. But if you have the bucks, I'm sure they'll be a great investment. Or try to find his terrific out-of-print book, "Not Fade Away: The Rock and Roll Photography of Jim Marshall."

Recently, Marshall donated several photographs to Rock for MS 2009, a charity event held in San Francisco to benefit MSFriends. Marshall is a passionate advocate for the needs of people living with multiple sclerosis.