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Jigsaw and Nokia Situations apps use motion, GPS to detect what you're up to

New iPhone and Nokia apps are working to record what you do or react to what you're doing. Is this the future?

A new smart phone app called Jigsaw is being developed that detects what you're doing by analysing inputs from your microphone, GPS and accelerometer. Due for release next year on the iPhone and Nokia Symbian devices, it might share that information on Facebook, or create records a doctor might be able to use in assessing your fitness, the New Scientist reports.

The software is advanced enough to detect what activity you're doing, with the report even going as far to say it can detect what type of clothing you've got on. Some may be worried about the security implications, but the app deliberately keeps all the data it has on the device, rather than automatically sending it into the cloud.

You could imagine the uproar if the phone was checking everything you were doing and automatically publishing it on your Facebook wall, so the failsafe is very sensible. You may also be worried about battery, but the app will only run in the background and suck juice if you're doing some kind of activity.

Like Jigsaw, Nokia Situations senses your, er, situation. But instead of recording information from you, the phone adapts itself. In practice, this means you having to define rules for the phone and how it should behave in certain situations, such as sleeping, in a meeting, or playing with your kids.

The app runs in the background and changes the phone's profile automagically depending on what you're doing as the day passes, and what settings you've made. Check out the video below.

The app is available to download and install from Beta Labs for devices such as the N8 and C7, but Nokia warns it's experimental, so it might not always behave perfectly.