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JibJab's jokesters take new jab at D.C.

On eve of inauguration, online producer of hit video spoofing 2004 election has George Bush playing banjo and feeling spunky. Images: JibJab takes stab at Bush's next term

JibJab, the online producer of the hit "This Land" video satirizing the 2004 presidential election, is taking another stab at the victor on the eve of the inauguration.

The Santa Monica, Calif.-based company late on Tuesday released a new animated short film called "Second Term," poking fun at President Bush as he prepares to swear in for another four years on Thursday.

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The video was released exclusively by Yahoo, via a distribution deal signed in December that will culminate with the debut of "Second Term."

JibJab took the Web by storm with its first Flash animated satire, and garnered additional praise for a second short film, "Good to be in DC." The two videos have been viewed an estimated 80 million times.

The company's founders, Gregg and Evan Spiridellis, said they looked to Yahoo for distribution to offset potential server problems if demand got too high, as well as to capitalize on potential ad revenue from the video. "When we first launched 'This Land' in 2004, our servers melted down," the JibJab brothers said in a statement.

"We understand how frustrating that can be to our viewers, so we've partnered with (Yahoo) help scale our technology and expand our audience even further so we can focus on keeping JibJab a rollicking good time."

"This Land," was set to the Woody Guthrie tune "This Land is Your Land," which prompted a copyright battle with the musician's estate. The latest video takes its musical cue from the traditional tune "She'll Be Coming Round the Mountain." In JibJab's video, that becomes a variable refrain along these lines: "Yes, I'm coming back to serve a second term."