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Jexaa JexTab 808 tablet delivers cheap Android kicks for £90

The best tablets are usually quite expensive, but there are a few budget options to be had, including the Jexaa JexTab 808, which retails for a pocket-friendly £90.

Tablets are all the rage right now -- the new black, some might say -- but the best examples are usually pretty pricey. Luckily, there are a few budget options to be had, including the Jexaa JexTab 808, an Android tablet which retails for a pocket-friendly £90.

Having been sent one to play with, we can see why it's so cheap -- it has a definite air of Fisher Price about it, thanks to a plasticky black chassis and clunky control buttons below the screen. But looks aren't everything, and if you're willing to slide the JexTab 808, hobo-style, into a brown paper bag when you're in public, it may just reward you with its wealth of rather excellent features. 

Along its bottom edge, the JexTab 808 sports a microSD memory card slot, which makes getting data on and off the device or extending its 2GB storage a breeze. Next to that, there's an HDMI video port, which allows you to output whatever's being viewed on the tablet's screen on a larger external display.

While we're on the subject of screens, it's fair to say the JexTab 808 isn't particularly gifted in this department. At 8 inches, it's large enough, and its 800x600-pixel resolution isn't too far behind the iPad's 1,024x768-pixel res, but it does have its issues.

Crucially, the screen is of the resistive rather than the more user-friendly capacitive type, which means you physically have to push down on it to select icons. While your mates gently tap, swipe and multi-touch their way to iPad nirvana, you'll be prodding and poking at your JexTab 808, cursing the day you didn't opt for a capacitive model.

Publicly, of course, if anyone gives you any hassle for owning a device with a resistive screen, you can retort by saying you chose it deliberately, as it's possible to use resistive displays in winter while wearing gloves -- something which isn't really possible with the iPad. Nobody will believe you, but it's a plausible story and one you can stick to.

The JexTab 808 comes with an integrated 2-megapixel camera, mini- and standard-sized USB ports, a microphone and headphone jack. It runs Android version 2.2, which isn't designed for tablets and isn't even the latest version for phones. It will run thousands of apps from the Android Market, however.

It's available to buy now from the Jexaa website.