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Jewel-tone your MacBook with Speck's latest SeeThru cases

Tuesday, Speck announced the release of its newest colors for its ever expanding line of SeeThru hardshell cases for MacBook: the new shockingly bright "hazard orange," along with purple, aqua, and green.

Do you miss your original jewel-toned iBook G3? You can now relive those days without having to own a bulky, slow laptop with Speck's expanded line of SeeThru hardshell cases for MacBook.

Designed for the latest unibody MacBooks, the SeeThru line once only featured pink, red, and clear versions is joined by orange, purple, aqua, and green. It's all very exciting.

The new colors are available today for the 13-inch and 15-inch aluminum unibody MacBook and MacBook Pro (sorry, 17-inchers!) sell for $49.95. Seems a bit pricey for a piece of molded snap-on plastic, but it does offer extra protection for your laptop, which was also expensive.

B the W, the "hazard orange" color is a limited addition available only online via and