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Jetta recall: Honk horn, stall car

German automaker warns more than 70,000 U.S. consumers to hold off on honking their horns--or risk shutting off their engines.

Lay off the horn...or else. Volkswagen

Own a 2011 Volkswagen Jetta? Be careful next time you honk your horn at that straggler holding up a green light.

Volkswagen of America today announced a voluntary safety recall affecting its flagship sedans. A wiring issue could cause the car to turn off if the horn is activated, the company said.

Approximately 71,043 Jettas--manufactured from March 2010 through March 2011--are affected by a bizarre issue caused by a fault in the wiring layout, according to VW. The "electrical gremlin" (a popular term in the automotive community) resides in the anti-theft alarm system and horn, which in rare circumstances can short-circuit the converter box that supplies power to the engine, among other components.

No related accidents or injuries have been reported, the automaker said.

As with most vehicle recalls, owners whose VINs fall within the recall range "will be notified via first-class mail regarding the corrective measures and anticipated repair timeline," according to Volkswagen. Concerned owners can also call Volkswagen customer care at 1.800.822.8987.

This isn't the first time the German automaker has been criticized for electrical issues in its eclectic lineup of vehicles. I have a feeling those "honk if you liked your service" signs won't be popping up at Volkswagen dealerships any time soon.