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Jet-man Yves Rossy completes balloon loop-de-loop above Lake Geneva

Rocket man Yves Rossy is slowly but surely taking steps towards becoming a fully fledged superhero. The adventurer is wowing the Internet with cunning stunts above Lake Geneva.

Rocket man Yves Rossy is slowly but surely becoming a fully fledged superhero. The adventurer, famous for crossing the English Channel wearing a back-mounted, rocket-powered wing, has wowed the Internet with a new cunning stunt above Lake Geneva.

The 51-year-old Swiss daredevil hitched a ride in a hot air baloon to a height of 7,874 feet above Switzerland's second most populous city, then proceded to jump out of said baloon, firing up his rocket pack and flying majestically through the air before performing a series of huge, terrifying loops.

The wing suit lacks a rudder, so to perform the stunt, Rossy stretched his arms, back and legs to manipulate pitch and roll attitudes in flight. Once the loops were complete, a happy Rossy deactivated his jetpack, pulled the ripcord on his parachute and descended gently to the safety of terra firma.

"The flight went well, despite a little problem when starting my engines," said the lunatic. "I was able to do my two loopings and I am very happy."

Rossy's jet-powered wing is fast becoming the stuff of legend. The carbon-fibre wings, which span 2.4 metres, are powered by four jets modified from model aircraft engines. They don't allow the pilot to perform vertical takeoffs and landings, but seem extremely well suited to power-assisted gliding.

In 2008, Rossy used the jet to fly solo across the Channel in just 10 minutes, at 125mph. Prior to that, the fearless pilot flew loops above the Swiss Alps. For his next stunt, Rossy aims to fly through the Grand Canyon in the Arizona desert, though he's currently awaiting permission from US authorities before the stunt can go ahead.

To see the stunt for yourself, hit play on the embedded YouTube video below. 

Image credit: Alain Ernoult