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Jessops shops re-open today, with TV Dragon backing

Jessops has risen from the grave, with more high-street shops set to open throughout next month.

High-street camera chain Jessops has opened its doors once more, giving the brand -- which entered administration at the start of this year -- a second chance at winning over UK shoppers.

The ailing firm has been revived by Dragon's Den investor Peter Jones, who told Bloomberg that the plan is to open roughly one shop every day through April.

Initially it was thought that Jones -- who has become sole owner of Jessops and also lays claim to online gadget shop Expansys -- would turn Jessops into an online business.

That's not the case however, and today Jessops has re-opened shops in London and Birmingham.

The company's retail efforts will be significantly slimmed-down, however. Whereas Jessops used to operate a raft of 187 shops across the country, the new regime will see only 30 stores opened, The Guardian reports.

As you might have sussed, that's a cost-saving measure aimed at making the once-failed chain profitable again. 300 staff who had lost their jobs are said to be getting re-employed, though that's a small proportion of the total 1,370 staffers who were dismissed earlier this year when the retailer went under.

In theory I can see Jessops doing well on the high street, as I know I'd want the chance to go hands-on with a camera before buying one. Jones will be hoping shoppers aren't tempted to try out products in-store and then simply buy them online. The TV Dragon says Jessops will offer identical prices across online and brick-and-mortar shops.

Will you pop into Jessops? Or will you buy your next camera online? Do you even want a digital camera, or are smart phone snappers enough for you? Let me know in the comments, or on our snappy Facebook wall.