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Jessops offers lighting studio in a bag

It's designed to make high-quality images accessible to anyone.


The old saying is that photography is painting with light. Controlling the amount of light in your pictures is essential, especially indoors. That's where the Portaflash Digital Studio Kit from Jessops comes in.

It's a studio in a bag, designed to make high-quality images accessible to anyone with a camera, a little space, and 300 pounds to spare (about $618).

The kit comes with two lighting stands, two silver/white reversible 32-inch brollies and Series 3 tilt brolly brackets. Digital slave triggers and synchronization leads allow you to link the lights to your camera's flash. Power cables round out the set. All of this is packed into a capacious bag.

You don't get a tripod or any kind of backdrop. This is a basic lighting setup rather than a complete studio, such as the Cubelite kits which include backgrounds. Still, with the Jessops kit you can create your own set or even knock together your own green screen.

Included is a book on studio lighting techniques to give you handy tips. The Portaflash Digital Studio Kit is available at Jessops stores or online at its Jessops Web site.

(Source: Crave UK)