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Jennifer Lawrence slated to play Elizabeth Holmes in Theranos movie

The actress has agreed to play the embattled founder of the blood-testing startup in a movie that Adam McKay is developing.

Jennifer Lawrence

Fred Duval, FilmMagic

The saga of Theranos, the once high-flying blood-testing startup that's crashed back to Earth after its testing devices came under scrutiny, doesn't have an ending yet. But a movie is in the works, and Jennifer Lawrence has attached herself to the Adam McKay drama, agreeing to play Theranos' embattled founder, 32-year-old Elizabeth Holmes.

Theranos was valued as high as $9 billion two years ago, with Holmes' net worth pegged at $4.5 million. But recently Forbes revised that number, saying her net worth was zero, as her stake in the company (now valued at around $800 million) was worth nothing.

This year McKay earned an Oscar nomination for directing "The Big Short."