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Jennifer Aniston's new 'sex tape' mocks viral videos

In an amusing video for Smart Water, the celebrity mocks cliche tools used by those attempting online influence: double rainbows, dancing babies and, of course, sex tapes.

Yes, you have come to the right place. Yes, this is where you will get to see the Jennifer Aniston "sex tape."

You will notice that the phrase "sex tape" is embraced by flying commas, so you might fear it won't be the precise sort of sex tape that might get you through your day.

Still, please put your feet up and your trepidations aside while I explain.

Aniston wants to sell you water. Smart Water. However, she understands that she need to succumb to the needs of the age and make "a video that turns into a virus." You know, something that boys will send on to other boys, until millions of boys are simultaneously tittering, pointing with their fingers, and wearing headphones.

Aniston has some of those boys in this video.

They are nerdy types who are there to help her navigate viral waters. Actually, she calls them "these three lovely Internet boys." For my own part, it is a little disconcerting that they are wearing ties.

Still, they have given Aniston notes about what might be huge online: animals, double rainbows, dancing babies, dancing babies dirty dancing and, of course, kicks in the groin.

You'll still be wondering about the "sex tape" part. It comes right at the end. It's really there, believe me. Well, what else would you call a video if you wanted it go viral?

So, will you be passing this on and tittering? The power to influence society is, again, all yours.