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Jenga: Fortnite Edition gives a whole new meaning to Tilted Towers

You can get the Fortnite-inspired game at Target and on Amazon.


Will you put Jenga: Fortnite Edition on your holiday shopping list?


Fortnite appears to be conquering more than just the video game world. Hasbro and Epic Games, the developer of the wildly popular battle royale game, have teamed up for a new spin on an old tabletop game. Your game night could soon include Jenga: Fortnite Edition. 

Jenga: Fortnite Edition adds a couple of twists to the classic block stacking game. The goal is to get your Fortnite character -- gamers will recognize Cuddle Team Leader, Peely, Fishstick and Jonesy -- to the top of the blocky tower. If the tower crashes during your turn, you're out of the game. A spinner tells you how many layers of the tower to climb and which blocks to stack. 

The game is for two to four players, ages 8 and up. You can get Jenga: Fortnite Edition at Target or on Amazon for $20.  

Fortnight creators Epic Games and Hasbro didn't immediately respond to request for additional comment. 

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