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'Jem and the Holograms' trailer may disappoint '80s kids

The updated tale of the 1980s cartoon sensation gets a first trailer but has provoked ire from some fans of the original.

A first trailer for the big-screen adaptation of hit '80s cartoon "Jem and the Holograms" has arrived, but fans of the original series don't seem too impressed by the modern take on the protagonist and her truly outrageous bandmates.

The trailer, released Tuesday, promises an updated tale of unexpected stardom, following young Jerrica Benton -- played by Aubrey Peeples -- as she becomes a sensation on YouTube. Forming a band with her sisters, Jerrica must navigate the treacherous worlds of showbiz and young romance.

However, the trailer does suggest a clear departure from the original cartoon. The bombastic source material featured frequent action sequences and the assistance of an artificial intelligence system known as Synergy, which beamed elaborate holograms all over Jerrica to hide her identity.

The absence of high-kicking fight sequences and earring-controlled holograms appears to have disgruntled fans, with the YouTube trailer above currently lumbered with an overwhelming "thumbs down" rating and plenty of disgruntled comments. "Um???? Where are the actual Holograms????" asks one distressed commenter. "Like that's a pretty big part of the movie???"

"This pays no homage to the original anime series," says another. A third post reads: "No Misfits? No Starlight House? No Starlight Girls? No Synergy? I can't be more underwhelmed."

Even William Shatner of the original "Star Trek" TV series is unimpressed. "I watched the Jem trailer. No star earrings? Where are the misfits?" the actor tweeted Tuesday.

Although it's surely disappointing to see a beloved piece of one's childhood twisted for a new generation, I think we have to give the movie the benefit of the doubt -- for now at least. An angst-fuelled tale of YouTube stardom surely has more chance of resonating with a younger crowd, in the same way that the original struck a chord with the MTV generation.

There's one note of consolation for that same generation: Molly Ringwald, star of seminal '80s teen flicks "The Breakfast Club" and "Pretty in Pink" will be featured in the film, which also stars Juliette Lewis. It is due to hit US cinemas on 23 October.