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Jeff Bezos backs Social Gaming Network

A Free Gifts fan? founder's personal investment firm pumps undisclosed amount of money into creator of games for social platforms such as Facebook and OpenSocial.

Even though the iPhone has been dominating developer headlines recently, it looks as if there's still some air in the social-network gaming space.

The Social Gaming Network, a start-up that develops games for social platforms such as Facebook and OpenSocial, has received an undisclosed amount of funding from founder Jeff Bezos' personal investment firm, Bezos Expeditions.

This comes just months after the company closed a $15 million Series A round from Greylock Partners, the Founders Fund, and others.

Founded by the creators of Web 1.0 page creator Freewebs (which now calls itself, the Social Gaming Network has assembled a portfolio of popular Facebook applications, such as Jetman, Super Snake, and Free Gifts, some of which it acquired from independent developers. It counts more than 54 million game installs.

SGN is one of the more prominent players in the casual-game space. It competes with Zynga, which was created by founder Mark Pincus.

The aim of the new funding, according to CEO Shervin Pishevar, is "to continue capturing new demographics in gaming by distributing the highest-quality games available on the social Web."

Bezos Expeditions also joined the most recent round of Twitter funding.