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Costume of young Jedi riding a tauntaun wins Halloween

May the cute be with you. A pint-size Star Wars fan gets to cosplay as Luke Skywalker riding a tauntaun this Halloween.

If I saw a kid ride up to my door on Halloween in a Luke Skywalker/tauntaun costume, I would just hand over all my candy and call it a night. It would be hard for anyone to top the adorable handmade "Empire Strikes Back" costume super-dad and Star Wars fan Clint Case built for his son.

The costume makes it look like a tiny version of Luke Skywalker is riding atop a hirsute snow lizard. The boy's legs go down inside the tauntaun's legs while his torso handles the role of Luke. Little Skywalker legs hang down over the furry creature's body.

The Star Wars costume is handmade and stuffed with batting to help it keep its shape. Just looking at it will transport you to the cold, snowy ice planet Hoth where tauntauns roam wild. Case posted a video of the cosplay in action on Sunday.

Now all we need is someone in a Han Solo costume who can slit open the tauntaun's belly and tuck Luke into its entrails for warmth. Or maybe we should wait until the kid is a little older before we venture into such traumatic territory.