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jDome's immersive wrap-around gaming

Concept works like Omnimax-like projection screen.


Looks like I just lost my bragging rights for gaming on a 100-inch screen.

Someone has patented a 180-degree gaming system dubbed jDome, which delivers a one-of-a-kind wraparound visual experience. Interestingly, it works pretty much like a rear projection screen and relies on a front projector to recreate the Omnimax-like effects. One of these will easily set you back $6,000, though its inventor John Nilsson apparently spent only around $125 to $200 to patent and develop the product, according to Ubergizmo.

We're just wondering whether anyone would like to give this a go using a white brolly instead. How's that for an inexpensive and somewhat practical alternative?

(Source: Crave Asia)