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Tech Industry

JBoss wades into management

The open-source Java server company takes its first step toward building a line of management software.

JBoss has introduced its first management product, a step toward bringing its open-source business model to management software. The company also said Tuesday that its Seam Web development software has been accepted into the Java standards process.

At its customer conference on Tuesday, JBoss said that it will open source the "agents," or monitoring software, that run on JBoss server software. The management software can monitor applications and aggregate performance information, said Sacha Labourey, the chief technology officer of JBoss. The company will offer subscription-based services to support businesses that use the software. Labourey said that over time, JBoss intends to expand the amount of software it offers to customers. He added that JBoss, which was acquired by Red Hat earlier this year, will merge the its software distribution network, called the JBoss Network, with Red Hat's own automated distribution system.