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JBoss star Bob Bickel starts a new venture

JBoss veteran is putting his entrepreneurial energy to good use...with an online running company.

Bob Bickel, often credited with being one of the driving forces behind JBoss' success, has been in semi-retirement since Red Hat purchased JBoss, but he's apparently sticking his head out of hibernation to launch a new venture.

Look, Ma! I'm starting a new company.

The venture? "A web service that makes it easy for running races to allow users to sign up online."

If this doesn't sound very open source-y of Bickel, it's because it's not. But it does reflect Bickel's shifting interests: some might remember that Bickel helped to start Ringside Networks after the JBoss acquisition, an open-source competitor to Ning, the social-network platform company.

Not that Bickel is completely abandoning open source. He writes that "our site will have focus on running races, it will be simple to use, and it will be much more cost effective than the alternatives in the marketplace." I'm guessing "cost-effective" means he'll be using open-source technology at the heart of the Web site.

But then, that's an easy guess: who isn't using open source to power the Web these days?

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