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JBoss opens up to Java competition

The new JBoss Open Choice program is intended to let developers employ and deploy more Java frameworks and applications--even those from the competition.

Red Hat announced a new JBoss Open Choice program today that gives developers the ability to employ and deploy more Java frameworks and applications than had previously been available.

With JBoss Open Choice, Red Hat says it "plans to provide application developers with the ability to choose the framework, language and programming technologies that best fit the application requirements they are trying to achieve without sacrificing reliability, availability, scalability or manageability across their projects."

Basically, this means that JBoss will interoperate more readily with popular programming models such as Spring, Seam, Struts, and Google Web Toolkit, all of which can be viewed as competitors to the JBoss app server.

While not earth-shaking, this announcement provides insight into the Java application server market--which is being supplanted in many situations by simple programming models. It also shows that a strategy of open-ness and integration, even with competitive products, is an inevitable path.

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