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JBoss founder proclaims open-source purity

JBoss Chief Executive Marc Fleury isn't commenting on , but the outspoken exec has published remarks in his blog that indicate there could be serious philosophical incompatibilities between the companies.

Specifically, JBoss' priority on open-source software (OSS) might not fit well with Oracle's proprietary products, judging by Fleury's view.

"JBoss has always been about pure open source. We started in OSS and we will die in OSS," Fleury said Tuesday on his blog.

In his blog, he singled out rivals IBM and BEA Systems with criticisms of appropriating open-source code or blending it within proprietary products. Fleury advocates a business model of selling services to support open-source software, in contrast to proprietary models that charge for the license to use it.

While he didn't mention Oracle, his remarks challenge the database giant. "Shifting from a software license revenue model to a subscription revenue model is painful for big vendors like BEA and IBM who need to protect their sacred cows so Wall Street doesn't devalue them," Fleury said.