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JBL's creepy new speakers

Curved units can be mounted anywhere, like giant leeches.


If Spider-Man were a speaker, he might well take the form of this new model from JBL.

The "Control Now" line features curved units that look kind of like large macaroni noodles or giant leeches, intended to maximize their flexibility so they "can be joined to create half-round, three-quarter-round, or round configurations, and hung from a ceiling using an optional pole-mount bracket and standard ceiling-fan hardware." It's unclear to us how all those contortions play out in terms of sound, but we'll leave that to the audiophiles.

The tweeter is mounted in a "JBL Bi-Radial" horn complemented by two four-inch subwoofers, all enclosed in a "high-strength composite material," according to Slippery Brick. That last part is particularly important because, judging by some of the mounting examples shown here, we wouldn't be surprised if some of these speakers ended up on the floor--unintentionally.