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JBL goes splat with new On Stage speaker docks

JBL has two new speaker docks set to ship for the iPod and iPhone, designed like an abstract heap of overlapping shrapnel, or something. You just have to see it to understand.

The JBL On Stage IV breaks the mold on design by appearing like someone literally broke the mold on the design. JBL

The JBL On Stage series of iPod speaker docks are practically an institution at this point. We have On Stage reviews dating back to 2005.

This year, JBL is doing something a little different with its iPod-amplifying staple, offering a new design that looks like it's been crushed by an elephant and artfully glued back together.

All kidding aside, the daring design of the newest On Stage systems is available on two models. The On Stage IV ($179) is the larger of the two, with a total of four JBL Odyssey transducers, battery power up to 16 hours, and iPhone compatibility.

The On Stage Micro III ($119) is the runt of the bunch, with two Odyssey transducers, 12 hours of battery life, and the same iPhone compatibility. Both speakers are expected to ship soon.