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JB-9 jetpack uses actual turbine engines, looks like a smooth ride (Tomorrow Daily 274)

Ashley discusses the JB-9 jetpack's flight around the Statue of Liberty, a concept that would transform tiny drones into flying pixels and a new interactive design system for creating our very own 3D-printed robots.

We can't believe how cool Jetpack Aviation's JB-9 jetpack looks while flying around the Statue of Liberty; even though we'll never be able to buy one (mostly because its inventor isn't quite ready to sell them yet, not to mention they'll probably be too expensive for our wallets), we'll still be dreaming of a day when we can commute to the office in our own personal flying transportation pack.

Queens University showed off a concept that might end up being large "living" screens made of tiny drones, each with their own small screen on board. In addition, two other types of small drones would make it possible to browse files, view 3D models, and adjust designs accordingly. There's a lot of potential here, so we'll be keeping an eye on this project.

ETH Zurich, Carnegie Mellon University and Disney Research collaborated on a new interactive design system intended to help even the most tech-challenged person create their own custom 3D-printed robot. Users can click and drag their way to a robot with unique gaits, designs and other movement capabilities.

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274: JB-9 jetpack uses actual turbine engines, looks like a smooth ride

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