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Jaywalking with a twist

Portable Zebra Crossing misses the mark, but we admire its spirit.

This bizarre invention seeks to solve the dilemma of the environmentally conscious walker surrounded by a world of drivers.

The Portable Zebra Crossing is a roll-up version of the pedestrian crosswalk. You lay it down across the street when you find a convenient crossing point instead of bowing to the "tyranny" of the regular system that requires "inconvenient diversions and wasted time," according to the International Chindogu Society.

While we often commit would never endorse jaywalking in a city, it might be a safer alternative to this option.

Jalopnik, who noticed this at the 2007 Tokyo auto show, points out that you'd still have to brave the traffic while laying down your claim. Though that's apparently not a problem for the lady in this photo, who seems to be traveling with her own crosswalk servant.

International Chindogu Society